4th IoT Summit 2017 – “Unleashing a bold era of IoT innovation” – 26th July 2017, Sterlings Mac (Matthan Hotel), Bangalore, India

The Internet of Things (IoT) is expected to be a USD 15 billion industry by 2020 with a 5-6% share of the global IoT industry. 4th IoT Summit 2017 confernce will further advance the dialogue around the Internet of Things spectrum from a (horizontal industry perspective), delivering exclusive, cutting edge content that is catered for CxOs, executives and business line management, as well as technology oriented executives. The event will focus on the rapidly changing landscape driven by the emergence of the Internet of Things extending to widely accepted models such as cognitive computing, edge / cloud computing, platforms, big data, analytics and much much more. The aim is to help move research forward to create newer technologies, discuss governance and policies and thus to create a roadmap for the evolving movement of IoT in India.


  • IIoT real time analysis – How to harness power?
  • What are the predictions for cognitive IoT around 2020?
  • Purpose of data while making revenue for connected cities?
  • IoT for the future of healthcare
  • Role of hackers in innovating within IoT security?
  • Connected cars and mobility for next generations
  • Seamless ecosystem for connected homes: Platforms, Smart Meters, Gateways & Hubs
  • Application of IoT and cognitive for business
  • Concentrating on the cognitive computing aspect, what does it mean for the IoT?


  • WILFRIED AULBUR, Managing Partner & CEO India, Roland Berger (Former Managing Director & CEO, Mercedes-Benz)
  • ALOKNATH DE, Corporate VP & CTO, Samsung India
  • LUX RAO, Director & Leader – Digital Transformation, Cisco
  • ANIRUDDHA DESWANDIKAR, Director, Microsoft
  • VIKRAM SHARMA, Director, Intel
  • EASWAR RAMASWAMY, Senior Manager – Engineering Services, Logitech
  • VINOD BOGGARAPU, Country Leader – Smarter Cities, IBM Watson IOT
  • SUDHANSHU MITTAL, Director Operations (IoT), NASSCOM
  • NIRMITA NARASIMHAN, Policy Director, Centre for Internet and Society
  • UDAYAN BANERJEE, Secretary, Cloud Computing Innovation Council of India (CCICI)
  • SAGAR APTE, CEO & Founder, CarIQ
  • BIPIN PRADEEP KUMAR, Co-Founder, Gaia Smart Cities

Plus many more


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Be a part of 4th IoT Summit 2017, which will help you set your technology strategy for scalable, secure and efficient IoT implementation by determining which new technologies will drive IoT to the next development stage and will bring together stakeholders from various facets of the IoT ecosystem.