Feature: Shifts and Schedules

Product: COSEC (Time-Attendance and Access Control System)

About Feature:

  • COSEC Application Software allows the creation of different shifts with a wide range ofoptional parameters.
  • COSEC Application Software can generate unlimited shifts and these shifts can be part of multiple schedule groups.
  • COSEC can generate up to 99 schedule groups to manage the workforce of anyorganization.

Defining a New Shift in COSEC:


An administrator can generate different shifts with unique shift IDs. He can also define variousShift Parameters like:

  • Shift Type
  • Shift Start Time
  • Shift End Time
  • Break Start Time
  • Break End Time
  • Minimum Working Hours for Full Day
  • Minimum Working Hours for Half Day

Grace Time is the period in which an employee is not considered late to office or leaving earlyfrom work. This grace time can be defined for every shift for the Late In and Early Outparameters.

Defining a Schedule Group:


The Schedule Group allows the administrator to create different work weeks for each type ofEmployee or group of employees. Each schedule group can include four different shifts. Additional parameters that canbe defined for a schedule group include, Week-off on Weeks, give additionalflexibility to assign a second weekly holiday for any employee.

The parameter Allow Access in Multiple Shifts lets the employee mark his attendance for multiple shifts ofthe schedule groups. The option Deny Access on Holiday will deny access on holidays to the employees. The option Week-off Rotation will make sure that the weekly holidays of employees keep rotating every week.


  • Saves supervisor’s Time by Automating Shifts and Schedule Management
  • Rotational Shifts let Employees Work on Multiple Shifts
  • Grace Time Gives Additional Leniency in Marking EmployeeAttendance
  • Better Planning of Workforce in the Organization

Target Audience:

  • Corporate Offices
  • Factories and Manufacturing Plants
  • Educational Institutes
  • Hotels and Clubs
  • Hospitals and Clinics
  • Contact Centers
  • Government Institutions

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