Leading China-based private flight services provider Bluejet comes to Times Square, advocating for shared access to privately-owned aircraft across China

SHENZHEN, China, June 16, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — Shenzhen Qianhai Bluejet Aviation Service Ltd (Bluejet), a leading provider of corporate and private flight services through China’s largest and most comprehensive private flight services platform, on June 16, 2017, had its message appear on the large digital screens overlooking Times Square, advocating for the promotion of shared access to and shared leasing of privately owned aircraft across China. Bluejet CEO Cheng Xingming is a firm believer in the idea that China will surpass the USA as the world’s largest private aircraft market.

Owning and having access to one’s own airplane was once a privilege reserved for Westerners. As China achieves its economic targets in terms of the large-scale construction of expressways and high-speed railways, a rise in the number of airport construction projects has been another feature of the infrastructure build-out taking place across the country. As the first Chinese private flight services provider to use Times Square as a forum for its messaging, Bluejet made a statement to the world about China’s embracing of the concept of shared access to privately-owned aircraft. Within the three years since the Chinese government announced a plan in 2015 to build general aviation airports in 2,800 counties across the country, to date, construction of over 500 airports has either already been completed or is in process.

Bluejet, a leader in the market for shared access to privately-owned aircraft (PRNewsfoto/BLUEJET)


Bluejet, which is included in the list of Qianhai’s Top Ten Companies in Terms of Business Models in 2016, is now one of the benchmark companies participating in a comprehensive pilot project in Qianhai New District, home to a technology cluster in Shenzhen, China. Bluejet, a unicorn company in the Chinese private flight sector, operates an international flight business with North America as the primary market. An increasing number of Chinese corporate clients are selecting Bluejet’s corporate aircraft products and services to address their international business travel needs.

Bluejet, which has become known as “China’s Uber in the air”, is an iconic company in the Chinese market for shared access to privately-owned aircraft. The company’s businesses include a full gamut of corporate aircraft services, including management of the aircraft and travel arrangements as well as in-flight services. With its private flight steward service model, Bluejet’s air ambulance service provides individual and corporate users with a 24/7 emergency flight response service by combining its corporate aircraft and helicopter rescue services with commercial services. For the yet underdeveloped private flight sector in China, providing lifesaving and emergency medical services to people in need is an important service for the benefit of the public.

Earlier this year, Bluejet began to expand the range of the corporate aircraft products and services available in China, including direct intercity flights to specific destinations and tourist attractions. With the shared access approach, Bluejet allows clients to reduce their spend on corporate flight services from over 200,000 Yuan (approx. US$ 30,000) to less than 10,000 Yuan (approx. US$ 1,500) per person per trip. Meanwhile, Bluejet is expanding its presence in the Chinese corporate aircraft market by setting up corporate aircraft management firms with several partners and launching the Bluejet corporate aircraft management network, as well as partnering with leading global players in rolling out international corporate aircraft travel routes originating from China, including transport back and forth for a business trip to Switzerland, a 4-day, 3-night combination business trip and cherry blossom tour in Tokyo, as well as a luxury wedding ceremony held alongside a cliff on Bali.

Bluejet has been widely recognized as a leader in the Chinese market for shared access to corporate aircraft. Mr. Cheng said he expects the Chinese economy to continue on the current growth path for the foreseeable future and that the country has an unparalleled base of affluent consumers. Based on the speed at which expressways and high-speed railways are being built, as well as the purchasing power of and the number of Chinese who can be classified as individuals of substantial means, China will undoubtedly surpass the USA as the world’s largest private flight market.


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