PT Petrokimia Gresik wins 30 Awards in the 2017 Asia-Pacific Stevie Awards

The Biggest Fertilizer Manufacturer in South East Asia

GRESIK, Indonesia, June 9, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — On their second time participating in the prestigious competition, PT Petrokimia Gresik (PG) was honoured with 30 awards in the fourth annual Asia-Pacific Stevie Awards. The awards consist of 7 Gold Trophies, 10 Silver Medals, and 13 Bronze Medals. The President Director of PG, Nugroho Christijanto, could not hide his feeling upon receiving them in the Award Banquet at Hilton Hotel Tokyo, Japan. “We are honoured. These awards are dedicated to all of our innovators back home (in Indonesia), the employees, and also the team standing behind me, for their innovation, synergy, and dedication. Innovation is what who we are as a company,” said Christijanto in his acceptance speech. The winner of Innovative Management in Manufacturing Industries award then with great humility continued, “These awards validate our work and also prove that even small ideas can lead to greater accomplishments. We are certainly motivated to better ourselves and hopefully could win more awards like these in years to come.”

That dream is very likely to become a reality for the biggest and most complete fertilizer manufacturer in South East Asia. The trend for innovating in PG is on the rise. Each year, the number of employee participation in innovation activities is increasing. Employees have the opportunity to form Innovation Task Forces (ITFs) and participate in the Convention to compete and to share knowledge. The Finance Director of PG, Pardiman, pointed out that the number of ITF participation increased in 2016 from 820 ITFs to 1,003 ITFs and resulted in 30.90 billion rupiah of cost efficiency. “This year, the Convention attracted more participants with 1,124 ITFs already registered to compete in April 2017 and resulted in 278.88 billion rupiah of cost efficiency,” said Pardiman. The Convention also promoted PG latest product innovation such as Petro Hibrid, Petro Gladiator, Petro CAS, NPK Cassava, and Petroganik Premium. Only the best of the best innovations in the Convention will continue to be selected as company’s representative in national and international level of competition.

One selected representative of PG this year is the Management Analysis & Report Team led by Taufik Aldila Armaputra. The team’s innovation resulted in the company won Rank 1 Top 50 Worldwide Annual Report and Best Report Financials from the League of American Communications Professionals in the United States of America. “Armaputra also won The Best Idea Contributed award in the Innovation Convention. So, we believe that his team innovation is one of the best candidates to represent our company,” said Pardiman. He is not mistaken. The Management Analysis & Report Team won this year Gold Trophy for The Most Innovative Communications Team of the Year in the 2017 Asia-Pacific Stevie Awards. In summary, all seven Gold Trophies awarded for PG this year were consisted of:

1. Innovative Management in Manufacturing Industries for achievements in the field of organizational management, brand leadership, financial management, hiring & employee development, and leadership development by the President Director of PG, Nugroho Christijanto;

2. Innovation in Technology Management, Planning & Implementation for the successful development of PG Information Technology System, including innovation in Distributor Financing System that had received an award from The Asian Banker;

3. Innovation in Industrial Design for innovations in energy conservation. PG has been representing Indonesia and won awards from the ASEAN Energy Awards;

4. Innovation in Internal (Corporate) Events for the successful 30th Annual PG Innovation Convention;

5. Innovation in Community Relations or Public Service Communications for implementation of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program that greatly support the world of education in Indonesia. PG also received an award from the Indonesian Minister of Education and Culture;

6. Innovation in Paid Media Planning & Management for the successful Petrokimia Media Awards (PMA) program. The program receives positive reviews from journalist in Indonesia and helps increase the reputation and good image of PG;

7. Most Innovative Communications Team of the Year for Management Analysis & Report Team led by Taufik Aldila Armaputra.

This year PG also competes in the International Business Awards for the first time. They will certainly give their best effort and hope for the best possible outcome.

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